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KKCS (Kingdom Kids Consignment Sale)

Spring 2020  Sale Dates: March 26th-28th

Come and see our huge selection of infant, toddler, children and teen clothing…enough to fill our entire space to overflowing! You may find anything from furniture, clothing, sporting equipment, bikes, car seats, strollers, shoes, books, DVDs, toys and more.  Every clothing item is checked before it goes out for sale to ensure that it is clean, in season, and free from holes, tears or other obvious defects. Our consignors keep 70% of the selling price of each item, while 30% of it goes to the church's children's ministry and missions. Join us for our next sale and you’ll keep coming back, too!

Registration for our March 2020 sale is open now!

Dates and Times

Tuesday, March 24th 4:00 pm—8:00 pm   Item Drop-off

Wednesday, March 25th 9:00 am—12pm Item Drop-off

5:00 pm—8:00 pm Super Volunteer Sale

6:00 pm—8:00 pm Volunteer Sale

7:00 pm—8:00 pm Consignor Sale


Public Sale Dates

Thursday, March 26th 9:00 am—6:00 pm      

Friday, March 27th 9:00 am—6:00 pm

Saturday, March 28th 9:00 am—2:00 pm Half-Price Day (Most items)

4:00 pm  Item Pick-up

Date TBA  Profit Pick-up

Cash and checks are accepted as payment.


If you would like to sell items, you must register in advance. Please follow these instructions.  

  1. Fill out the registration form or email the information to A $10 registration fee will be charged to help with publicity and other costs of the sale.   This fee is due at time of registration.   A number will not be given until fee is received.
  2. Mail the registration form to: Mt. Olive Baptist Church, 1177 Highway 109, Molena, GA 30258
  3. Registration is Limited. First Come, First Served. Due to space constraints, we are limited to the number of Consignors we can accommodate. Failure to show for your Consignor Assignment may result in ineligibility for the next sale.  


Volunteers are crucial to the success of our sale. Any amount of time is helpful to us.  Our volunteers who work 2 or more shifts during the sale week get to shop first at the pre-sale. You need not be a seller to volunteer. To volunteer click here to sign up.

Other Information for Consignors:

  1. You are not considered a registered Consignor until you receive confirmation either by phone or email.
  2. Items not sold MUST be picked up at 4:00 pm, Saturday, March 28th —NO EXCEPTIONS!
  3. KKCS retains 30% of the selling price of all items sold. This money will be donated to the MOB Kids Program after expenses are paid. Consignors may pick up their profits on Thursday, April 9th 10 am—1pm . Tags will not be mailed. If you pick up your check then you can pick up your tags. All proceeds not picked up by 1:00 pm on Thursday April 9th  will be mailed to the registration address listed.
  4. The Consignor Preview Sale, Wednesday,March 25th, 7-8pm is open only to those who have contributed 15 or more clothing items. No other items will go towards this minimum. No children at the preview sales!!!!!
  1. Consignors must stay when they drop off items until everything has been inspected.
  2. All toys must have all pieces, batteries, and work. All shoes must be zip tied.  
  3. Items should be priced in .50 increments and NO items should be less than .50 in cost.  
  4. All items should be sorted by gender and size. Our volunteers will place all items on the racks and floor.  
  5. The hanger must face to the left with tags secured with safety pins to the right top corner.
  6. All clothing 12 months or larger must be placed on an adult hanger and pinned properly. Tag must be pinned with a safety pin.
  7. Consignor gets 1 pre-sale ticket.  
  8. KKCS/MOB is not to be held responsible for lost or damaged items. Before, during, or after the Sale for which you are registering.  
  9. We will NOT accept: Blankets, pillows, stuffed animals, under garments, socks, food/formula, drop side crib, outdated car seats, recalled items (please check), and dingy/dirty/stained items.
  10. Consignors need to leave a box or basket labeled with your number for clean-up.


All of the information above as well as how to tag your items can be found here


You May Register By Filling Out The Form Below and Mailing Your $10 dollar check to Mount Olive Baptist Church, 1177 Highway 109, Molena, GA 30258 or by clicking here and downloading the flyer and registration form.



KKCS Seller Registration Form

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